Whether you’re a school teacher with a large string program or a private violin, viola, cello or double bass teacher with only a handful of students, we are here to help. We do this by:

  + Supporting AUSTA NSW

  + Sending out an informative mail-out to string instrument teachers on our list

  + Running teacher workshops and reading days

  + Advertising private violin, viola, cello and double bass teachers on our website for students looking for a new teacher

  + Offering teacher discounts on sheet music, accessories and various other items

We also have one of the largest ranges of string sheet music in Australia and knowledgeable staff who can make useful recommendations for method books, technique books, textbooks or string orchestra titles to keep your students engaged. We are more than happy to special order anything else that you might be looking for; if it’s available in print, we’ll get it in for you.


The Australian Strings Association (AUSTA) is a professional association of players and makers of bowed string instruments, which promotes excellence in all aspects of performance, string instrument teaching, conducting and string instrument making. AUSTA aims to inspire and support students, amateurs and professionals and also to facilitate communication at local, national and international levels. The benefits of AUSTA membership include:

  + Professional development

  + Information services and networking

  + Financial benefits

  + Broader connections

You can join by visiting: http://www.austa.asn.au/1_Public/join_1.php

String Instrument Teacher Mailing List

Join our string instrument teacher mailing list  to receive notices for sales, workshops, AUSTA events, relevant concerts and other classifieds that come through our inbox. 

Workshops and Open Days

At the Sydney String Centre we aim to run at least two string instrument teacher development workshops per year; presenters include nationally and internationally recognised pedagogues. These are always very informative events, and a great opportunity to meet other teachers and compare notes of what works. We also run extra Open Days at the beginning of the school year for string instrument teachers only. This is an opportunity for teachers to browse for new music, new instruments and accessories to get prepared for the New Year. It is also a lovely time of fellowship with other teachers.

Violin, Viola, Cello and Double Base Teacher Database

We have a useful ‘find a teacher’ database on our website as a resource for our customers. We are asked regularly in store and over the phone to recommend string instrument teachers and we find this is the easiest and fairest way for us to do this. If you are interested in being listed, please fill in the form below. A standard listing is free as a service to our customers, however if you would like to include photos and further descriptions there is a fee. This section is currently under construction.

Teacher Discount

We offer Australian string instrument teachers and professionals a discount on sheet music and accessories (as well as selected other items and periodical specials). To be approved for your teacher discount please enter your teacher registration number, AUSTA membership number or ABN in the teacher ID field, along with all your other contact details.Once approved, we will send you a confirmation email with details about how to access your discount online.