String Instrument Hire

Learning to play a string instrument can be quite challenging, but extremely rewarding!
When you rent a violinviolacello or double bass from us, you are guaranteed to get a quality string instrument that has been setup by a trained Luthier, to support the player's learning.

Instruments & Pricing

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Double Bass

Why Rent From Us?

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Quality String Instruments & Free Servicing

All of our rental instruments are beautifully hand crafted from good quality maple and spruce tone-woods, and setup by the Luthiers in our workshop to ensure good playability and quality of sound. The sound will encourage the player to keep practicing, and you'll spend less time tuning, and more time playing and having fun! We also include free servicing, to ensure your instrument stays in optimal playing condition.

Flexible Sizing - Change Sizes At Anytime

You can change sizes at anytime, free of charge, ensuring that the player is always on the correct size. This is ideal for parents with growing kids, or for petite adults, who want to see whether a smaller violin, viola, cello or double bass will be most comfortable for them. When you come to the store we will size the player up, however it's always best to check with your teacher to see if they have a preference for size before coming in.

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Credit Towards Purchasing A New Instrument

If you fall in love with playing your violin, viola, cello or bass and want to buy one, you can use your first 3 months rent as credit towards purchasing a new instrument, on or before the day your rental is returned. This allows you to try before you buy with minimal financial outlay, which is perfect for absolute beginners.

Insured For Accidental Damage

While playing a musical instrument isn't a contact sport, stringed instrument are quite fragile and accidents do happen! By choosing to rent you can sleep easy at night knowing that we'll look after you if an accident does occur. Please see out rental terms and conditions for more info.

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An environmentally sustainable way to learn

Unfortunately many poor quality musical instruments end up going to landfill after a short period of use, however instruments that are of better quality and regularly maintained will remain in great condition and have a much longer lifespan. By choosing to hire a good quality instrument, you will not only have a better playing experience, but you're also being kinder to our environment!


We had a fantastic experience at Sydney String Centre. Their rent option is a great starter for people who want to try before purchasing a violin. They teach us how to maintain the instrument, then backed up with 6 month free check-up service to give us peace of mind. We highly recommend Sydney String Centre!

Visited today to choose the first violin for our daughter, we have been to other shops but the whole experience at here was excellent and the best! The staff is very friendly and nice to measure the right size for my daughter and explain very clearly. We end up renting rather than owning. Definitely recommend this place!

Excellent service. Time was given to take me through a proper selection of which cello to rent, all terms explained in easy to understand language. I'm very happy I chose Sydney Strings. My cello is an incredible instrument and I'm already in love with its sound and feel. Thanks to Lou for being so patient and helpful.

Rental FAQs

To rent a string instrument from us, you must bring the following items with you to our store: 
+ A current driver’s licence, Australian identity card or passport. If using your passport, we will also require proof of address such as a utilities bill.
+ A valid Australian MasterCard or Visa credit card.

Yes! We can ship out rental violins, violas and cellos Australia wide. Shipping is roughly $25 for violins and violas and $45 for cellos. Simply fill out our   order a rental instrument form , and we can get an instrument organised for you. Currently, we are not able to ship rental double basses.

You should allow at least 45 minutes at the store for us to size the player, go through the contract and process the rental for you. You can halve the amount of time you spend in-store by watching our    'How to care for your stringed instrument' video       and    'Rental Terms & Conditions Explained' video    before your visit.

Unfortunately no, as we prefer to sell you a brand new violin, viola, cello or double bass to ensure you are getting an instrument in perfect condition.

The rental program is not a rent-to-buy payment plan.

You can however, use your first 3 months rent as a credit towards the cost of purchasing a new instrument. Please note that this credit can only be claimed on or before that day that your rental instrument is returned, after which it is forfeited.

The instrument you can buy with your credit has to be a NEW instrument (not secondhand) and is also determined by which plan you choose. E.g if you are on the beginner plan you can use your credit towards the cost of   ANY new instrument , however if you are on an intermediate plan you can only use your credit towards the purchase of an instrument    from our intermediate range or above   .

It is also important to note that it is only the first 3 months credit that can be used towards your purchase. E.g if you are on a beginner plan and wish to purchase an instrument after renting for 1 year, it is still only 3 months worth of rental fees that can be credited towards your purchase, and this credit must be claimed on or before the day that your rental instrument is returned.

We use credit cards both as security and future rental payments.  The first rental payment and all subsequent payments must be paid via credit card, however the deposit can be paid by other methods in-store. Unfortunately if you don’t have a credit card and photo ID, we would suggest purchasing an instrument using an alternative payment method.

Yes, our rental instruments are insured for accidental damage only.  This does not include broken strings or damage from heat and/or water. Please see our full list of   terms and conditions   or watch our   'Rental Terms & Conditions Explained' video    for more information.

We do not offer partial refunds if you return your instrument any earlier than the end of the rental period, however if you are on a 3 monthly plan and you wish to switch to a month by month plan you can change at any time by emailing us or calling the store. This change would come into effect at the end of the agreed rental period, ie. you cannot switch from a 3-month contract to a 1-month contract in the middle of the rental period  and have the difference refunded.

There are a few essentials that we recommend purchasing, for the most enjoyable learning experience. See our essential accessories for beginners  blogs for more info! Please note that your rental will come with rosin.

Rosin is a hard block of refined tree resin. String players apply it to the horsehair of their bow to create friction between the bow and the strings of the instrument, which causes the strings to vibrate and produce sound. Professional players apply it to their bow roughly every 4 hours of playing, however for beginners we recommend applying it to the bow once a week.

When applied to the bow, rosin turns into a fine white powder which will fall onto the strings and belly of your instrument. This powder should be cleaned off your instrument after every use using a microfibre cleaning cloth. If left on your instrument it can cause the strings to degrade faster and damage the varnish. Click here to learn more about rosin.

The foam on a shoulder rest can be difficult to clean, so for hygiene reasons we do not include shoulder rests with our rental instruments. A shoulder rest is a personal purchase based on body type, so a generic shoulder rest is not suitable for everyone. We encourage customers to purchase a shoulder rest that is most comfortable for the player and quite often one shoulder rest will be suitable for two or more sizes, so you are sure to get good value out of your purchase.

This is possible, however you must complete all of the paperwork and ID check remotely using our secure system. To start this process, please fill out the 'book a rental' form on our website and one of our team members will get back to you with instructions. You then need to notify us that someone else will be collecting the instrument.

Rental deposits are made in-store and can be paid via cash or credit card (Visa, MasterCard). The deposit is refundable (if the instrument is brought back in good condition) and must be refunded via the same payment method it was made. 

Recurring rental payments are made via our automated online payment system. When you sign-up to rent your details will be entered into our system and stored securely.

As this is an automated payment system, unfortunately we are unable to stop any payments from going through until your instrument is returned to our store. You will receive notice few days before the next charge is processed. 

Please note that recurring payments cannot be made with American Express, only Visa or MasterCard is accepted.

If your credit card is lost, stolen or expired, please contact us at your earliest convenience to update your payment details for the recurring payments. You can also update your payment details through our secure online payment system by simply logging into your account at

For rental deposits, we must refund the deposit back on to a card under the contract holder’s name for security reasons. If the deposit was originally paid in cash then the customer must provide proof of identity before the cash is returned.

The full list of terms and conditions can be found here. If you have any questions about our Ts and Cs, please don't hesitate to get in touch via email at [email protected] or by phone on 02 9417 2611.

How to prepare for your visit and what to expect when you arrive?

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Typically a rental appointment will take around 45 minutes and is broken up into four stages:
+  Sizing - the player is measured up to determine the correct size. See our instrument sizing guides  for more info.
Care instructions  - you will be shown how to take care of your instrument i.e how to rosin a bow, how to clean it etc.
Extras - there may be some extra things that your teacher has asked you to purchase such as a music stand or sheet music.
Terms & conditions  - a staff member will explain the terms and conditions of renting and answer any questions you may have before putting the transaction through.

Due to COVID-19, we now have a number of ways you can reduce your in-store face-to-face time for a safer, quicker and more enjoyable experience. Please take a look at our suggestions below:

1. Find a teacher.

Before renting or purchasing an instrument, we recommend finding a teacher first.

Your teacher will likely provide you with a list of things that you will need to get started, and they may also have a preference for which size will work best for you.

We have a number of teachers listed on our 'find a teacher' page, however it's also a great idea to seek recommendations from family or friends.

2. Pre-order your rental instrument and accessories through our website.

Ensure we have everything ready for your arrival by pre-ordering your instrument online.  

Before filling out the form, we recommend reading our blogs on instrument sizing and essential accessories for beginners.

If the size you choose isn't quite right, not to worry! You can swap sizes at anytime.

3. Watch the rental Ts & Cs and instrument care instructions videos before you arrive.

Watching these videos will halve the amount of time you need to spend in-store!

If you are a parent, please be sure to sit down with your child in a quiet spot and watch the care instructions video together. If you have any questions about our terms and conditions or how to care for your violin, please don't hesitate to ask one of our friendly staff members.